Backup and Restore tabs not responding after upgrade to WD Smartware 1.6.0

After updating WD Smartware to version 1.6.0, backups can be directed to private shares successfully. Subsequently, the Backup and Retrieve tabs are not responding. I cannot open the backup or retrieve panels. Close/ open WD Smartware and tabs remain unresponsive. All systems that have been upgraded to version 1.6.0 are affected. Confirmed MyBookLive is online and available on the network. Please advise, Mike Tonge.

I am updating the firmware on the MyBookLive drive. Maybe after the drive reboots the WD Smartware software will respond.

Completed firmware update and MyBookLive drive is back on line. Close/open WD Smartware and the Backup and Restore tabs are still not responding. They are Dark and nothing happens when I click them. The Home, Settings and Help tab are working fine. View on the Home tab confirms that there are no files in the private share where I had directed the software to backup to. Backups seem to be directed to drivename/default. When I change the target to the default location, the Backup and Restore tabs become active. This software does not perform as I expected. Backing up using WD Smartware to a private share hasn’t been successful. Letting it backup to default seems to work well enough. I’ll stop trying to back up to private shares using the WD Smartware. Windows backup succeeds when backing up to private share.

yeah, I’m a bit confused.  Smartware backs up to a hidden folder on the drive.  You can get to it if you know the path, and look at the files, but it doesn’t back up to a share you create on the dashboard.

can you get to the dashboard if you type http://mybooklive/UI in your browser?  Smartware I believe is also looking for the name of the drive when trying to connect, so if typing the name above isn’t working, smartware is probably having an issue seeing the drive as well.  Try a DNS refresh, or temporarily change your dns to troubleshoot.  Like