Can't choose the backup tab in WD SmartWare

The manual only says “click on the backup tab” to setup the backup. But that tab is “grey”. I can’t click on it?? Is there some parameter I missed??

(This is NOT an easy product to use, have already made an factory reset with help from thos forum)

Can someone please help??

Hi, check on the Home tab first if you can click on the my book live icon first, that should make the backup tab accessible. 

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Thank you! So simple, yet so difficult to find out!

I have a similar problem but my Live Book doesn’t show up under the HOME tab. Just the computer I am working on at the time. I can access the MLB on the network, open files on it, etc…but cannot BACKUP.

Thanks for your help.

what happens when you type http://mybooklive/UI into your browser?  what about putting in the IP directly?

 if you don’t get the dashboard using the name URL, you have a DNS issue and that could be why smartware doesn’t see it either.

When I enter type http://mybooklive/UI into the browser I get the sign in page asking for my password. I can open and work with the MBL but cannot get the BACKUP tab to work. The only thing showing is the computer. The MLB doesn’t show up.