My Book Live 2TB not shown in WD Quick View

I have been backing up to this drive for a couple years.  Honestly, I have not been paying much attention to the backups for a while.  But I have been dropping some files on it in a couple of shares.  Now I am trying to retrieve some files from backups, but when I access quick view, then click on WD SmartWare the only back up option I have is Dropbox and under the Retrieve tab there is no “Backed Up Volume” listed.  I know for a fact that I had successfully backed up files to the My Book Live.  I had in the past also retrieved backed up files from the drive under Vista and also later after upgrading to Win7.   I know that the drive is working because I have 2 shares on it that I created over 1 year ago and those files are accessable.  Between the shares and the backups I have about 900GBs of data on the drive.  Any advice on how to access the backups?

once you’re in smartware, in the very first column on the left, is there a drop down menu where you would select the partition on your computer?  Sometimes the software is hard to understand.  Once you pick a partition in that dropdown, then more options are available.

also, I believe that when you setup the backup, you initially told smartware where on your pc you’d like the retrieved files placed.  if your PC name has changed, or your folder structure, perhaps it cannot locate the location on your PC where you had designated the files to be uploaded to.

Just shots in the dark.  If you are able to get to your MBL dashboard by typing http://mybooklive in the browser, then smartware should be able to see your backups.

last resort, just type \mybooklive\smartware into your search bar and navigate from there manually.