Backup tab does not light up in Smartware

I have done the update to Smartware and when I start it in Windows 7, the backup tab does not light up.  I think my drive is successfully installed because I have run backups on Vista and Windows 8. However, I can not get the backup to work on Windows 7. I can see the drive by going through My Computer. Any ideas what the problem could be?

I had this same issue. When you open the SmartWare program you see your computer drive on the left and a icon on the right that represents your MyBook Live. If you click on the MyBook Live icon the backup tab should be become enabled.


I had the same problem but I found out that, the moment I put a password on the LiveBook itself or on a share, the backup en retrieve tabs become greyed out.

(note: I just installed LiveBook and am using the latest version of firmware and WD Smartware)

This means I can not secure my Lifebook !?

Any ideas ?