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Before I would back up from one computer to the other over the local network. Now I bought the WD 4GB Mycloud for back up and cloud access. When I back up I see the data stream rate going up and down, from a few KB to MB and back, sometimes it just stops for a few seconds. It seems the WD is not able to handle the data stream over the Gigabit network

Like I said before it worked very fast and stable between 2 Windows 7 computers but I am quite disappointed with the data transfer to the 4GB MYcloud. Since it works very fast before I don’t think it is the network which is the bottle neck.

Are there any settings I can change to get a higher data rate? Does anyone experience this as well?

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What is your current network layout? Are all devices hard-wired using CAT6 or CAT5e Ethernet cables and no wireless connections?

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Thanks, hopefully the community can help me.

My network is simple: one gigabitrouter connects four devices: 2 WIN7, 1 Satellite receiver and WDMYCLOUD 4GB. I checked the IP addresses, there is no conflict. 

The MYCLOUD has the latest software v04.01.03-421 and, according to the interface, is functioning properly.

Eveything is CAT 6 wired. I tested all the cables and the cable connected to the WDMYCLOUD is working properly. 

Like I wrote before, the transfer between two WIN7 machines is still blazingly fast.

I just synced the two computers again and the transfer of 7000 files was done in 8 minutes. Now I am trying to sync the same mother PC with the WDMYCLOUD and after 20 minutes it is still comparing the 70000 files, not a bit has been transferred. My idea was to use the MYCLOUD as a network server so all the pictures, movies and music is stored in one place and used by my phone, tablet and PC’s but with the ludicrously low speeds this is impossible.

There is one thing I noticed when I copied my pics to the WD, when it was transferring some movies the speed went up fast. Up to 40MB suddenly, but when it had to copy jpg again the speed dropped back to 2MB and occasionally 450KB. So I did a test. I transferred some movies and indeed the speed went up to 40MB. It sank again to 35MB and lower to 24MB, not stable either but at least it proves there is nothing wrong with my network. I think the WD cannot handle small files in a proper way. Its processor cannot handle this.

So: it is not the cable, they are tested and also this is proven by the fact that with big files the speed shoots up. The bottle neck is the WDMYCLOUD. It is useless as a personal cloud because I am backing up my music and pictures, it takes forever. The speed is abysmal when it comes to handling files of 12MB and smaller. Only with big files a normal speed is achieved.

Waiting for your reply. thanks 

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

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