4 days to back up 60G of data and I gave up, Any advice on how to speed this up

I have a 2T MyCloud, and after 4 days of very slow transfer of 60G of data I gave up, the PC (Windows 10) what rendered unusable as the disk and memory recourses where hogged by SmartWare. It didn’t used to take more than a few hours. Any advice on how to speed this up ? It runs on a 10/100 network with very little other data traffic. The firmware and software is all up to date.

It is likely a networking issue. You will need to analyze your network setup. Some items to consider are use of wireless links, the source computer or the WDMyCloud is on an unmanaged switch vs. connected to a router, etc.

The best connection is with both the source computer and the WDMyCloud on the same router -and- all other network devices disconnected while you load the data. Most won’t realize how degradation of network speeds are caused by multiple devices on a LAN which are poorly placed or incorrectly setup. Removing them from the LAN while you load is the best solution.


You probably have something wrong on your local network for it to take that long to backup. Couple of things, first go with Gigabit (1000 Mbit/s) networking if at all possible. Second see the following link.


I don’t think the network is a problem. I’m manually transferring 33GB of data at the moment, it’s expected to take an hour and running at ~7.64MB/s

I have the same problem. 55GB and it says 11 hours left… The point is: I’m transfering data from WD 1TB via USB 3. Anyone have the solution?

I assume the WD 1TB is an external USB 3. hard drive? If so is it connected to the My Cloud or to your computer? There are known speed issues for some when copying from certain USB devices attached to the My Cloud’s USB port. The generally recommended method for copying large amounts of data from a USB drive to the My Cloud is to connect the USB drive to the computer, then connect the computer to the same router/gateway/hub/switch via Ethernet cable as the My Cloud is connected too. Copying over WiFi will often be slow. If possible use Gigabit router/cables.

Have you read through…

yes, WD 1TB is external hard drive, connected to My Cloud.
I’ll try to connect it to my Macbook and Macbook to router via Ethernet. Hope it will work :slight_smile:

Has anyone benchmarked their MC unit? I’d like to see how yours stacks against mine. I used CrystalDiskMark to capture MC 4TB (RMA’d) and replacement MCM 8TB (4TB RAID 1) performance. They were tested one after the other.

@NIGEL_STONEMAN I think you maybe experiencing what I had in regards of performance.

My Cloud 4TB

My Cloud Mirror 8TB Gen 2

Windows 7 Ultimate
1G Network

Here is an inexpensive managed gigabit switch. Either purchase one similar or get a new router with gigabit (AC for wifi).