Slow transfer speed

I have a new 4T My CLoud.  I have it plugged into my router.  I am trying to transfer about 2T to it from a passport and another external hard drive.  I have tried to read and understand the other posts but am having a difficult time trying to figure out colors of lights on router and cloud and trying to figure out how to get the files transfered faster (Going on 4 hours to transfer and about 50% done).  I could use tech help and in basic english, please.

I’ll try to explain in simple terms.

There’s two leds on all the network devices cable socket that you need to take note of. One led is blinking meant for activities (could be green or yellow/orange) and the other is not blinking meant for link type (green is gigabit-ethernet=1Gbps, yellow is fast-ethernet=100mbps).

What is your current transfer speed? Mbps=Megabits per sec, MB/s=Megabytes per sec.

What is your connection setup? As per WD’s manual, if you’re trying to transfer off an external USB HDD via samba shares, attached them to your PC not on the WDMyCloud’s USB. This is because if you were to attach the USB HDD directly to WDMyCloud, the transferred data will be routed to your PC first then back to the WDMyCloud then USB HDD.

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I am not sure how to check the speed.  

To test the speed, simply copy a bunch of MP3 (maybe a couple of GB worth of them), for example from your computer to the NAS and vice versa, then copy a large file (a few GB if possible). Look at the average throughput that the Windows explorer copy window is telling you.

How about assuming a somewhat perfect scenario which is almost impossible to occur…

If your 2 TB of data could be transferred i.e read and written at a CONSISTENT rate of 60MB/s…it would still take over 8 hours…so there you go…