Hello! i am new here , tranfer speed help

i bought the WDMyCloud yesterday , i love most things about it , , nice inerface easy to use and also the applications are nice too,

Now what i hate is the transfer speeds , i get maximum speed of 10MB/s and nowhere near the 35-95MB/s
 many reviews are reporting

 the files iam tranfering are large and small , even if i upload 1 large or small the speed doesnt seem to exceed the 10MB/s

i have high end PC and the mobo is equiped with 2Gigabit ports , the Mycloud device is directly connected on my modem/router

i wanna back up my work which is about 110Gigs for the moment with the current transfer rates will take 4Hrs!!!

is there any way to fix those appalling tranfer rates?

because i dont even want tto think how long i have to wait when ill have to transfer the Adobe After effects projects

anyone can help please?

Ive very rarely got over 10mb on a long transfer

transcentic wrote:

the Mycloud device is directly connected on my modem/router

Are you sure your modem / router is Gigabit ethernet?  

Also, depending on your backup method, backups will usually be much slower than just raw file transfers.

Here’s an example of file transfer speeds I get with just a simple file copy:


thank you for your reply

no iam not sure regarding the moder/router if is Gigabit or not to be honest and i never claimed to be or not

I only said that the Ethernet Ports are gigabit

this is the modem.router i have:  http://www.zyxel.com/products_services/p_660hn_fx_p_660hn_fxz_series.shtml?t=p


so in order to get over 10mb/s i have to buy gigabit equipment?



transcentic wrote:

so in order to get over 10mb/s i have to buy gigabit equipment?

Of course.

By the way, you’re writing “10mb/s” – that means 10 megaBITS per second.   Is that really the speed you’re getting, or are you getting 10 megaBYTES per second?

Windows reports MB (megaBYTES) per second during file copies.


this is a great transfer rate. Can you explain the framework for this transfer rate? (switches, fromto…).My speed will never over 50~60Mb. And i think it will not too bad.


PC -> Switch -> Switch -> NAS

Both switches are NetGear GS108Tv2.

PC shown is a cheap little Gateway mini-desktop I bought for my kids last year, running Windows 8.0.

No other magic necessary…

Heck, even doing the same thing on a Virtual Machine-based Windows 7 instance (running as a single core with only 1GB of memory)  gets around 50 megabytes per second:


At first I was thinking the transfers were really slow because of my modem/router. 7MB/s.

But then I put MyCloud on a direct connection with my computer, and I get 12MB/s (out of the 1Gb/s network card).

Yes, it’s very slow indeed.

hmm it appears that iam gonna have to upgrade my equipment then , thanks alot mate , appreciated :slight_smile: