Back up issue with WD Smartware

Hi. I have a WD My Passport Ultra 1 TB HDD. I am using WIN 10. I have 2 drives : Disk C (SSD - where the operating system is installed) and Disk D (HDD - where all other files are). When trying to back up Drive D: using WD Smartware v2.4.21.1, most of the files are put in a grey box/category called Excluded (System), effectively not backing them up at all. I tried to switch to File Back up method, but WD smartware does not allow me to tick each folder for back up either.

Can you please assist?

Many thanks!

What were you not able to click on to backup?

Did you look at the User Manual and all the Help provided in the SmartWare Help tab?
Be sure to read all the WDMyCloudInformationIcon information too.

In advanced view, I cannot tick the individual folders in order to back them up. They simply remain un-ticked.
The Smartware Help did not mention this issue, just general guidance :frowning:

If you think you got the solution then it’s fine but If you haven’t
check this site then you must get into it.