Average temperatures in normal use: is my unit too hot? How do you ventilate it?

Hello, I own a Mycloud Mirror and I’m concerned about the temperature it reaches, I explain:

During normal use (folder access from Windows, brief file saving…) the hhd drives get to 50-55 C in no time and get even hotter for large file transfers: I feel uncomfortable keeping my fingers on the hhds (lid:open).

What concerns me most though is that  T= 40° C even in standby mode (room T=22-25° C)

And with standby I mean upper blue light pulsing and drives not spinning!

Where is all the heat produced?? Does it have to do with the _tiny_  and humble-specd motherboard??

The unit stands on my desk, open air.

I can’t work it out. Please share your temperature polls and let me know if you are ventilating it somehow.

Thank you

Maybe you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this. You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

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I have the same problem as the Angelus81. I’ve recently purchased a WD MyCloud Mirror 4TB (so it has WD drives) and I’ve noticed how the hard drives temperatures jump 50deg in use. I’ve also noticed the fan reading is 0RPM which I find kinda strange (does it even have a fan?).

I doubt I have a malfunctioning unit because the firmware would have issued a warning if something was wrong. I think it would be helpful if someone from technical support could publicly state if this is as designed or not.



abucur - This site is mostly for interactions between WD users (like you and me), with occasional input from some WD staff, who play dual role as forum moderators and occasionally also provide technical guidance/answers. As far as I have seen, WD’s technical support team does not participate directly in these forums…though on a few occasions, the forum mods have notified WD’s tech support team to contact an user to further assist. So, don’t wait for an answer from WD’s tech support over here…you won’t get one, though some WD staff might respond.

I don’t know the answer to your temperature issue. But yes, I believe the Mirror, which is nearly identical to the EX2, does have a fan (I know the EX2 does and therefore I’m quite sure the Mirror does too).

Oh that’s a pitty :(. I suppose there will be more people like me interested about this subject. I’ll contact the technical support team and come back with updates once I get my answers.

Ciao, io posso darti un’indicazione. Anche io ho comprato My cloud mirror 4 tb ed era difettoso. Si era molto scaldato e ho scoperto che la ventola non funzionava, così mi sono fatto sostituire il prodotto. Adesso penso che sia un problema diffuso, ma se si rompe di nuovo i dichi si friggeranno e io perderò tutti i miei dati.


Hello, I can give you an indication. Also I have bought My cloud mirror 4 tb and it was defective. It was very heated and I discovered that the fan was not working, so I did replace the product. Now I think it’s a widespread problem, but if it breaks again dichi will fry and I lose all my data.

The problem fan is bug the firmware, in reality fan will be active at too high temperature. You can see at work through test system. I contacted support and said me temperature hot is normal. Hard disk temperature I solved improving cooling with another fan. Look at picture attached. This reduce temperature ten degree!! Ask me if you need another informations (specific fan, electric link, voltage).

Thank you very much for your answers.

I’m temporarily solving the issue with the use of a pc case fan attached to a proper power supply and placed on top of the unit, drawing air up to enhance natural convention…

Looking to build a more stable and eye-pleasing solution :slight_smile: