FAN RPM is always 0 (My Cloud Mirror 4TB)

Anybody knows at what temparature the FAN kicks in? Even when the HDD was 50 degrees C, the FAN was not turned ON.

I tried to log onto the ssh and look for processes with name “fan” and found fan_control. I tried manually setting the speed using fan control and I could hear the fan sound and the speed got updated on the dash board. 

That means a FAN is installed and is operational. I think the temparature limits are not properly coded. 

Any information?

i think it’s the same problem with ex2

looks like the fan only kicks in around 60C 

My WD My Cloud Mirror displays the following:

WD Mirror Fan status.JPG

When I do a system test from utilites menu I get the following:

WD Mirror Fan status1.JPG

Is there a harware problem with the fan?

I would appreciate some assistance please.