WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra fan problem

Hi, after updating WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra firmware to the latest version 2.40.155 the fan runs all the time at 9375 RPM. Disk temperature 45 ° C, RAM 28%, CPU 5%. The device behaves the same after the reset. Does anyone have similar problem?

How did you get your fan stats?

Those are mine:

root@MyCloudEX2Ultra root # fan_control -g 0
Current temperature is 58
hd0 temperature=54
hd1 temperature=56
CPU temperature=85
root@MyCloudEX2Ultra root # fan_control -g 3
fan state is 1
root@MyCloudEX2Ultra root # fan_control -g 4
fan rpm = 3571

Via GUI My Cloud

At least the fan is working. Wish they would update my regular ex2 as well.

Access your unit using SSH and type fan_control --help you will see that there’s an option to set your fan speed to auto. I hope it helps.

Thank you for your help, I turned off the device for 24h and after turning it on everything is ok, fan 0 RPM, temp HDD 49C, so the topic can be closed, thanks again