Available Space incorrect in Windows Explorer

Just purchased an EX2 10TB and am getting setup for use storing backups. I decided to change the storage type to JBOD instead of RAID1 so that I could utilize all of the space available to me. If I map a drive to the Public share, the properties of it show it as 4.50 TB available. If I go to the web interface it shows 9.81 TB. I have rebooted the device and remapped the drive to see if that changed anything but it did not.

ANother weird thing is that it shows 46.7 GB Used Space even though it’s freshly formatted with only the default shares and 2 empty folders I created.

I think I just found my own answer. JBOD only shows one volume per share so It looks like I will have to use spanning instead. I would shure hate to have it get an out of space message i n the middle of a multi terabyte backup.

Hello, welcome to the community.

I am glad to raed that you figure it out, JBOD uses the drive separely and you would need to create a share on each drive. 

Spanning and RAID 0 would do the trick for what it seems you are doing.