Viewing JBOD drives (Size and Available Space)

Is there a way to view each drive in a JBOD set up to see available space?
The control panel only shows you total available which is nearly worthless in a JBOD configuration?

Hi N_Jay,

You will not be able to see the available space in each drive. In JBOD configuration all the drive’s capacity are combined into one large logical drive that is presented to the OS. Example; 3 physical drives, an 8GB, 13GB, and a 64GB drive configured as JBOD will be presented to the OS as 1 logical drive with a total of 85GB of space.

You seem to be talking about drive spanning and not JBOD.

In JBOD the drives are separate physical and logical spaces, as any SHARE (folder) must be aimed at a particular drive.

ssh into the NAS as sshd (root) user
do a df -h

I found a work-around.
By mapping one share from each volume on a Windows machine, I can see the available space.
I will probably create an empty share on each volume to use for this purpose.

I am surprised that WD gives you a pretty graphic of the total used space and completely missed the fact people need to know the drive space per drive.

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Totally agree. Should be something in the gui.

I received that same “One Logical Dive” comment on my support email.
Along with (non)help that basically quoted the manual back to me.
I sent back a note saying I was disappointed in the level of support.
As for the dashboard ideas, make it smaller and scalable, with 'snap-in" tools so you can see what you want and need without the glitz.
What the F need a 5 inch pie chart showing the mix of files?
And why does that management app just pull up the full screen control panel?
Why is it not really a control app?

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I am a new user with a PR4100 set up as JBOD running in a Mac environment. Does this mean that the PR4100 will allocate files across available volumes when one volume starts to fill up? Example, if shares on volume_1 become too large for the capacity of the volume will the system automatically allocate additional files across to the next volume with space available? I too am baffled by being unable to see space available on a given volume.

Wow, nearly 5 years later this post helped me a great deal! Windows suddenly showed I needed more space to move 25GB worth of archive files to my EX4100. Sure enough I couldn’t fully determine how much space was left until I mapped one shared folder from the volume. Thanks for posting that great tip!