JBOD - no space left..with 10TB free


Having a little issue here… my cloud is formatted as JBOD… with a total space of 16TB…
The home page shows 10.2TB free… but when I try to upload another 4TB of data, it tells me I have no more space… any insight would be much appreciated. TIA.

If it’s JBOD, you will need to have created two volumes (one per disk), with separate shares on each volume.

Otherwise, all the data is filling only a single 8TB disk.

Thanks… have a few other NAS… and when I format for JBOD… it allows me span the disks…

JBOD and SPANNING are two different things.

If you want to do SPANNING, you’ll need to reconfigure your RAID set to Spanning instead of JBOD.

Simplest way is to create a share on each drive (if you don’t already have one on each) and then under Windows map a drive to each. Then if you look under “My PC” (or whatever the equivalent is on your version of Windows) it will show you the total capacity and available free space of each drive, which in JBOD mode will be whichever disk your share is on.

So if you have a share on each disk, you can use that trick to easily see how much of that given disk is in use or free. As @TonyPh12345 says, in JBOD mode the disks are entirely independent, and you can happily fill one without even touching the second, depending on where you’ve put your shares. And also entirely correctly you should have both JBOD and Spanning (as well as RAID0 and RAID1) modes available on the MCM. But note if you switch modes, both the drives will be formatted as part of the switch-over and any data stored on them will be erased.

All that said, if it’s a 16TB device it should have 2x8TB drives, so quite how you can have 10TB free is a little strange (it’s not so easy to have 10TB free on an 8TB drive :wink: ). It would also be worth double-checking that you haven’t got quota’s enabled, or if you have that it’s not just that your user quota is full rather than the disk itself.

I would assume that both volumes are created, so he’s got 6TB stored on one drive and 0TB stored on the other, which would be about 10TB free.

I don’t remember if the My Clouds report RAW capacity or Formatted capacity on the dashboard, as I’ve never left anything out of my arrays. :slight_smile:

thanks. That’s what I ended up doing…

I think it reports formatted, but I’m not 100% certain as I don’t normally access the dashboard unless I need to tweak something or create a new share (neither very often). For the most part I use the mapped drive method I mentioned above to keep an eye on available space, as it’s more meaningful.