Attach a compatible WD harddrive

I just bought a my passport SSD 1tb.
Since years I’m using WD external HD and already have installed WD discovery, WD drive utilities and WD security + updated them.
I want to use a password on this last device.
I’m on Windows 10 OS.
But when I launch WD utility software the message “attach a compatible WD harddrive” (translated from french) appears.
I already transfered files to this new HD using windows tool (explorateur) so I assume the external HD works.
What do I do wrong ?
Thank you.


Please refer to the following KBA article:

Dear Logan,

Thank you for your reply. In the mean time I contacted WD support
hotline. WD security can’t be used to set up pw with the latest SSD
drive, WD discovery has to be used.

My problem was resolved by using WD discovery ;-O)