Asus Prime Deluxe x299 w/ ThunderboltEx 3 card not working w/ G-Speed Shuttle 32TB


I’m trying to get a 32TB (24TB in raid 5) G Shuttle to function as main storage for Macbook Pro (2017) and a custom PC with an Asus Prime Deluxe x299 motherboard with a Thunderbolt x299 expansion card.

I know I have to format in exFat, and that I cannot connect both computers simulatenously.

The G-Shuttle works with the Macbook Pro when connected w/ included Thunderbolt 3 cable. However, when plugged into the ThunderboltEx 3 Asus expansion card on the PC, it does not work.

I believe it is a problem setting up the ThunderboltEx 3 card…the motherboard header is plugged in, and I moved it to the PCI_1 slot because it was easier to plug my graphics card into the PCI_3 slot (I know this is strange but I have a Thermaltake case that has the graphics card mounted with an extender cable).

I configured the BIOS to enable Thunderbolt, but there were many settings and I have no idea which ones are the correct for the card to work. There were several drivers I tried downloading but apparently the order matters?

HELP HELP HELP I really would like to get this drive online so I can offload some .r3d red footage…thanks!


The main thing is you have to make sure the Intel TB drivers are installed on your Windows system. Then you can worry about our TB3 drivers. The windows systems we’ve had experiencing in testing in house have been built in TB3 systems not any with expansion cards.


Same ASUS machine, same card, 64 TB Shuttle XL. Shuttle device shows up in TB software, but no drive in Disk Management. G-Speed Studio Software returns "Device could not be found. "
Driver package ( and firmware (18.05) up to date.


Check your Device Manager on the system and make sure there are no conflicts there. It might need a bit of manual coaxing to tell the device the driver is installed.

We would suggest calling in for support 888.426.5214