[APP] Transmission various versions for firmware V4+ (05/2020)

I understand the way he provides this is only based on money…

But still, it’s the easiest way to install Transmission on WD My Cloud. For some reasons, it does not work with your link

This method is better.

Second method have cons - CHROOT:
Transmission cant save files to Public folder… or maybe you know the way to do it. I want files to be accessiible from Windows Explorer. I regret I tried something else. Now Im looking for way to use again Nazar78 method.

How to uninstall CHROOT?

Great I was able to return to your method NAZAR

Thank you @Nazar78, your server is now back online.

Unfortunately, in contrast to previous times, this time I do not manage to enter the code on your website.

Here is what I do:

  1. From your website, I click the link to this thread here in the WD Community Forum.
  2. An ad site opens, I wait the 5 seconds and click to move on.
  3. From the first post in this thread here, I click the link to your own website.
  4. On your site, I can see the Captcha (black on red text). When I try to enter it, I get forwarded to another ad site.
  5. On the ad site I got forwarded to, I wait again the required 5 seconds before I can click to move on.
  6. Then I get forwarded back to your web site, but the black/red text box to enter Captcha is gone.

This looks like an endlessly circle, without any chance to enter the Captcha on your website to get the credentials.
I tried on iPad, android smartphone, and on Desktop/Firefox. All with same issue.
What can I do?

good day, I have this problem that I can do?

Error: No data found! Ensure your drives are connected or use “Set Location”. To re-download, remove the torrent and re-add it.

Transmission cannot find your downloaded files.
There are several possibilities:

  1. You have changed the download-folder, so Transmission would be looking in the wrong place.
  2. You have moved (or deleted) your downloaded files, so Transmission would not find them in the old place
  3. The folder (or the data volume) with your downloaded files is not present. Maybe your data volume is not mounted or it is faulty (i.e. inaccessible)

I changed my router…


i am a noob and managed to get into my wd mycloud using putty. i have received the code, but cannot get past screen below even if i type “y”
please helplog

Upper case Y

Does donating still works to have exclusive support for these apps?

Don’t bother, this is a scam. You the page redirects you endlessly to adfly pages and when the captcha appears, clicking it redirects to another adfly page, which upon returnint to Nazar’s site, the captcha is gone.

Fix your ■■■■, Nazar, and remove the ads, this is disgusting and scummy.


Microsoft Windows [Versione 10.0.18363.720]
© 2019 Microsoft Corporation. Tutti i diritti sono riservati.

C:\Windows\system32>ssh sshd@
sshd@’s password:

BusyBox v1.20.2 (2019-07-04 10:46:34 CST) built-in shell (ash)
Enter ‘help’ for a list of built-in commands.

root@MyCloudEX2Ultra root # transmission-stop
-sh: transmission-stop: not found
root@MyCloudEX2Ultra root #

why I can’t stop the deamon?

command transmission-stop don’t work …

In latest firmware - chroot won’t start and folders not mounted, so Transmission can’t see anything outside chroot.
/DataVolume/debian/chroot_debian.sh start - will mount all data to “/mnt/” folder, so Public folder will be accesible via “/mnt/Public
Also try to change “umask” parameter to 2 or 0 in /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json (Or /root/.config/trasnmission-daemon/settings.json)

Any idea if this tutorial will work with Cloud OS 5?



With OS 5 my problem is when the command "transmission-remote " is executed, appears this message:

/lib/libcurl.so.4: no version information available (required by transmission-remote)
Unexpected response: 301: Moved Permanently

Do you know how to solve?

Hey, my transmission keeps on crashing, can I have it restarted once a while?
It was a command to make it in crontab, can you help @Nazar?

Hi Nazar, I’m not sure if you are still working on this. However I followed the video to get the credentials. After the second ad, the captcha just disappear. So I can’t get a credential after few hours of trying

Hello, I had to reinstall transmission and I wanted to install the ronggang web UI but I could not. It seems that the github file disappeared.
Can somebody check how to install it again?
Thank you.

Ok, guys, let’s face the fact: Nazar is not actively around here anymore in this forum.

His website process to get credentials is broken (at least for me) for several months now.
Even with adblockers disabled, I end up in an infinite loop of advertisements, without ever seeing any credentials. I have tried several browsers and several OS’es (Windows, Linux, iOS, Android).

So how can we get the files for installing Transmission on our WD MyCloud?
Basically there are three methods:

  1. We can (cross-) compile it ourself, according to this thread, post 7 to be precise:
    This takes some time, and is somewhat complicated. Also, the how-to has some flaws, so you need some Linux knowledge to correct them. Any questions, just post over there in that thread.

  2. We can use the chroot method, also explained somewhere in this forum (sorry, no link)
    Personally, I never felt comfortable with it, because it is not straight forward. It’s like a system within a system.

  3. Or most simply: We can download the relevant deb-files from Fox’s repository here.
    You have to copy the relevant deb-files to your MyCloud, log in via SSH, and install it via “dpkg -i debfile”. First do this with the transmission-daemon deb-file, and it will tell you which other deb-files are also required. Then try again with “deb -i debfile1 debfile2 …” and so on, until no more errors.

With either of these methods, you have available the actual installation files, so you can reinstall whenever you want. No need to hope for access to Nazar’s service.

Of course, you have to do the configuration of Transmission yourself, but there are tons of instructions in this thread we are in, and also in other threads like e.g. here, or on many other webpages.