Can I use 'Transmission' or other software on the Mycloud 2TB. If so, how?


I have searched the forum for an answer but get totally confused.
Most replies to similar questions relate to other types of Mycloud devices.
So, is it possible to install / use ‘Transmission’ on the bog standard WD Mycloud 2TB unit.
If not, is there an alternative to allow the Mycloud unit to access and download torrents independent of my computer being on (other than initialising the download)?


This thread, the first one that comes up for a search on ‘transmission’ on this forum, is about installing transmission on a bog-standard, v4 firmware MyCloud xTB drive:

Ah & oops!

Sorry, I did see that but just realised xTB means 1TB/2TB/etc… I for some reason thought that an XTB drive was a different drive… feel a bit stupid now…

Thanks cpt_paranoia