Anyone still using their WDTV Live Hub in 2022?

Packing up for a move across country in a week. Came across my WDTV Live Hub in one of my drawers. Plugged it into my CRT in my game room and 2010 memories came flooding back seeing the UI. Was a good time back then when so many companies were coming out with streaming boxes…WD, Popbox, Boxee Box, Iomega, etc.

I have a bunch of 4:3 content on there. Watching some old Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes now as I pack up my game room. Quite nostalgic watching 4:3 content on a CRT…looks really good too.

Just use Plex now but cool to break out the Hub every so often…will probably set it up at my new place with the CRT in my next game room.

Anyone else still using their Live Hubs today? I’ll probably set this up in my new place along with my CRT.

Hi @vice86,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

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Mine has been powered on for years, I tried to use it today but it shows 0 content. I popped open the case and pulled out the hard drive and put it on my hard drive reader, the movies appear to be intact but it keeps wanting me to use Twonky service. I have replaced my pc and lost it. After trying a hard reset on the unit it just shows the splash screen and says "Loading
I went to WD site and all I can find is WD end of life cycle jargon. I was thinking about getting another WD NAS, but I remembered the nightmares I had with the last one.
It’s a shame that such a great product like the WDTV hub has gone by the wayside!

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I do. I’m an original owner of the 1 TB model. I use it daily. I leave it powered on in standby mode. I have a second 2 TB HDD attached to it for new movies or movies I haven’t seen in at least a year. The internal drive has over 900 movies on it that I haven’t ever seen. Still working through my collection as time permits. I had tried loading 30,000 .MP3s to the external drive but the poor little player couldn’t handle more than 300 per folder. I remember the original documentation said not to use powered HDDs larger than 3 TBs and only then select models of MyBook drives.

The issue I have been seeing more of lately is when the movie is done playing it will freeze the whole machine if I try to delete it. Pressing buttons on the remote is like wading through a pool of cold molasses. It has become so damned slow to respond. I replaced the batteries, did a power cycle on the remote and the player, verified all but one button on the remote still works by aiming the IR emitter at the digital camera on my smart phone. Did you know the remote has two IR emitters?

My unit does work quite a bit faster without the external drive plugged in. Doesn’t improve performance whether it is attached to the rear or the front USB 2 port. All the movies I have on it are copies. I delete the ones I’ve seen as a way to keep track of things and to make more room. But the freezing issue is happening so often I am considering using my old Dual core AMD laptop as my new media player. Such a d.a.m.n. shame too because otherwise my WDTV Live Hub is the perfect movie player.

I never bothered with the networking or Internet uses until the last year. Much of the old menu options don’t support the online options. But some of it still works. They aren’t services I use in my daily life so no sense messing with them now. I much prefer to enjoy my entertainment options offline where only I know what I’ve seen or heard and how often.

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Yep trying to add it as a network drive to my galaxy s20 ultra but struggling with username and password to login on my galaxy

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Yep, still up and running. Mostly as dlna storage for tv, mobile, etc.
Contains some of my photos and videos that i would like to have locally.
Added some usb stick with ext2 for temporary drive and videos also.

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Mine is connected to my Epson 880 projector.

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j’ai perdu les fichiers sources du disque dur
quelqu’un pourrait me les envoyer?

Yes! But a quick question. Can someone please confirm that the 12v 2A power supply is pin positive (+).

Here’s a pic of my adapter for my Live Hub…hope this helps. Does that battery symbol mean pin positive?

On a related power supply note, I was lazy and plugged the first adapter I found into my Sega Nomad handheld gaming device and fried it. It was the wrong dang polarity.

Yes, Tip is positive

But, DO NOT USE a 1.2A Power Supply ! The power supply will run hot, and you’ll eventually fry it.

You need a 2A Power Supply (or higher, never “less”) for the WDTV Live Hub

Here’s a pic of the WD Supplied Power Supply that came with my WDTV Live Hub

WDTV Live Hub : 12 Volts , 2 Amps , 24 Watts

Thanks for the info…not sure where/when/why I even have these adapters for the units…I have 2 Hubs and both are different adapters yet they worked fine on it. The other adapter is even less at 1A. I ean judging by the 2016 date on the adapter I’m sure I couldn’t find the original and bought this one/both of them.

What can happen using a 1.5A/1A adapter?


I highly recommend you do some research to understand that using a power supply with less amperage than the device requires is not recommended.

Here’s a good explanation video :

Thanks to all for your replies. I had problems opening which I had been chasing for several days. I was using a Multi Voltage AC Adaptor 12 → 3.3 VDC and last night found I had accidentally set it to 9V :angry:
Havn’t used the Hub for years and detached the plug without realising there was a polarity involved.
I also called the Oz help line this morning and even though it is out dated they came back with these full specs for the original:

Subject: Power Adapter Specification
Product: WD TV Live Hub Media Center

Response by Email Shaun G
(09/13/2023 03:18 PM)

Dear Mike,

Thank you for contacting Western Digital Customer Service and Support. My name is Shaun G.

It was a pleasure assisting you.


12 volts
2 amps
24 watts
5.5mm outer-diameter
2.5mm inner-diameter
Outer Connector (-)
Inner Connector (+)
Plug Type: A

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.

Shaun G
Western Digital Service and Support

Great service! :smile: