Any networking gurus here (Gigibit Switch help needed)?

Hey guys I want to add a Gigabit Switch to increase the transfer speeds of my WD My Cloud drive which goes into my Sky Router. If I buy this Switch would I achieve higher speeds? The Sky Router I think only does 10/100mb transfers although I need to check we’ve had it for about 4 years now.

Provided the things you intend to connect to the switch (e.g. PC) also have GBE ports, yes.

I have the exact same switch. My PCs have GBE cards. The MyCloud has a GBE port. Both are connected to the GBE switch. The switch is connected to the modem/router. I can achieve near gigabit transfers to the MyCloud, with large files.

My modem/router is only 100Mb (Fast) Ethernet and wifi-n. The 100Mb link to the MyCloud is not the bottleneck for wifi accessing devices.