Cannot connect My Cloud to my Network through Gigabit Switch


I recently have had a My Cloud 4TB drive fail with the red LED showing and the unit then becoming unresponsive.

WD have replaced the drive but the replacement wouldn’t connect to my network through a Netgear GS105 gigabit ethernet switch which I had my previous My Cloud attached to with no issues. The My Cloud works perfectly when attached to my ISP supplied broadband router but this router only supplies fast ethernet hence using the Gigabit switch. I have 3 other devices attached to the Gigabit ethernet switch which work perfectly and I also swapped the switch with an identical one with the same issue. WD replaced this drive as they said that shouldn’t happen but the replacement drive is also behaving in the same way.

Does anyone have any ideas on what might be causing this issue?


It looks like the MyCloud has problems negotiating link with some devices; been a few reports recently, but most around an AT&T service, and one fix is put a switch between them…

What are the indicators on the MyCloud’s Ethernet port doing? If they’re both off, it’s probably a negotiation problem.

If they’re on, it’s probably an IP address problems; are you trying to connect to the IP address of your previous device? You can connect via the broadband router, though, so the seems unlikely to be the problem.

Front panel LED will be blinking amber if it’s a network connection problem, too.