1Gbps or 100mbps? transfer around 10mb

Hi there, just installed my cloud 4tb to my network.

this is my HW and SW


  • motorola sbg 6580 1gbps (ports 80, 443, 21 opened in both, tcp and udp for mycloud ip, 21 on PC)

  • PC mb fatal1ty e220 1gbps lan (connection on properties says speed 1Gbps)

  • my cloud 4tb

Cables: cat 5e (all devices on LAN)


  • win 8.1 drive mapped to X:

  • FTPzilla 

  • Eset smart security (firewall safe zones has mycloud ip added)

Transfer Speeds around 8mbps and 10mbps using windows or filezilla}

Network adapter on MyCloud has a blinking green light (top one), bottom one steady Yellow, is the drive being connected to my router at 100mbps?  

See the User Manual>Getting Started, LED’s.

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cat0w (USA)

HI, thanks for replying, I did search in the manual before posting, but it is not clear.

does the yellow led turns also green, as a bi-pole led?

is it a different led?,

does a 1000mbps conection means two green leds all the time?

if it is at 100mbps how do you force it or change it to 1000mbps?

There’s an ACTIVITY LED (Green) which blinks with network access.

There’s a SPEED LED (Yellow or Green) which is solid.

You can’t “force” it.   If you’re not connecting at Gigabit Ethernet speed, you have a hardware or cable problem.

Well, there can sometimes be problems with the link negotiation, so that, even if both ends are notionally GBE, they fail t agree to use the full rate, and end u agreeing to use 10 or 100 Mbps.

Some routers only have one GBE port; worth checking the manual. They’re often a different colour RJ45 socket. But your Motorola router/modem claims to have four GBE ports…

yeah that is the thing, My PC is connected at 1gbps but I cannot make my cloud connect at 1gbps, so the way to tell you got 1gbps is two green leds.

I’ll try different cables tomorrow and see

FIXED with new cables, funny thing I was using the one that came with the unit. 

I bought Cat6 from eBay 10ft. everything works as is supposed to. 45mb to 60mb transfers.