Another Windows 7 password issue

Hi. After installing MyCloud NAS years ago, I have always been able to access the data on the NAS via my Win7 pc on same LAN by going to NETWORK and selecting the NAS, without having to enter a password.

I have 2 users on the NAS, neither with a password.

I recently changed the computer name in windows. Now, after the pc wakes from sleep, I can’t access the NAS when I go to NETWORK because it asks for network user and password, and I don’t know what user and password it refers to. Tried everything but nothing works.

After pc reboot I (usually) can access the NAS via NETWORK because it does not ask for password, only after waking from SLEEP.

Can I reset something so it stops asking for a user name and password? Or at least tell me which username and password it is asking for.


Ok, I found that mapping a drive to a folder on the NAS seems to resolve the password issue. When I access the mapped drive, it does not ask for a password, only when I go directly to the Network location. I don’t quite understand this, but it works ok.