Windows 7 and wdmycloud: net password required ?!?

Hi everyone,
I state that I use windows 7 and that until recently everything was working correctly.
This happens:
if I try to access the NAS via the browser there are no problems I enter and configure what I want on the dashboard.
The WD quick view application regularly finds the NAS on the network and sees the tree of folders present.

If I try to access any folder on the NAS, I am prompted for a network password from windows even though they have all been disabled (therefore access without a password).
If I try to access from an android phone, I see the tree and access the folders and files.

It must therefore be a windows problem. I have already done a winsocks and network reset, enabled file sharing, removed the access password from the share management, checked that everything is under the private network group (home) …
Anyone have any other ideas before getting to a system format ???

Thank you

If you haven’t done so already, see the Windows Credentials Manager, perhaps removing any WD My Cloud entries there may help.

How is your WD MY CLOUD connected, is it to your router or computer?

If it’s to your router and you have a home network have you tried that network name and password?

Wdmycloud is connected by lan and no password is set

maybe this will help you