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vi sottopongo questo problema: ho un cloud da 8T e lo condivido con un amico. IO ho IOS e la relativa app; lui ha Android e la relativa app, però l’app di Android non gli permette di visualizzare i file aggiornati…secondo voi qual’è il problema? Grazie x l’aiuto

The app only opens certain supported files, for other files one will need a separate app on their mobile device to open unsupported files.

What file format is the Android user having trouble opening or editing?

Note: OS3 no longer supports remote access and the WD OS3 mobile apps for iOS/Android no longer work for local or remote access. For OS5 My Cloud and the OS5 My Cloud app support one should see the dedicated OS5 subforums.

OS5 My Cloud Subforum

If one has a My Cloud Home they should see the dedicated subforum for that device since the My Cloud Home is a completely different device than the My Cloud line of devices and does not use OS3 or OS5 firmware.

My Cloud Home

GRazie per la risposta
L’utente Android non riesce a visualizzare i file aggiornati da pc e tanto meno modificarli (file excel). Excel per mobile è installato

One has to either select Open In from the OS5 My Cloud app interface, then select the appropriate app to open the file. Or download the file to their mobile device then try to open the the file in an Excel app on their mobile device. More information on how to manage files in the OS5 My Cloud mobile app can be found at the following WD Knowledge Base article.

My Cloud OS 5: Manage Files on Web and Mobile App

If one uses the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon top right) to search the OS5 subforum they’ll find at least one past discussion on this issue.