Can not open My Cloud files on my Android Smart Phone

I use a network Western Digital MyCloud NAS drive to store files, .doc, Excel, text, image, etc. I have installed on my Android Smart Phone the MyCloud App and it finds the drive and files, no issues. However, when I try to open any of the My Cloud files Android says no player app installed on the device to open or play file. It points me to Goggle Play , File Viewer for Android. Does not open files.

What do I need to open these My Cloud Files on my Android Device?


@RLMWD Which Smart Phone do you own? Do you have Microsoft Office applications on your phone?

Be more specific on the type of image and video files you are trying to open. Have you looked in the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud for what type of image and video files can be viewed?

@RLMWD you will need install an app that is capable of opening the file like MS Excel, Word, Power Point apps from the Google Play Store.