Android App - not working

The app is not connecting to the devise though I can connect to my laptop

Are you on your network or away from your network?

I am at home on my network and mine is working. I have a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phone.

First step is to check the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings (from a computer on the same local network as the My Cloud device) and ensure Remote Access/Cloud Access indicates a connection. If it doesn’t try turning off Remote Access/Cloud Access, waiting a few minutes, then reenabling it to see if it establishes a connection and indicates such.

If your My Cloud has been updated to the OS5 v5.x firmware then you need to use the OS5 My Cloud mobile app and not the OS3 My Cloud mobile app. You will need to see the app store for your mobile device to download the OS5 My Cloud app.

Download My Cloud OS 5 iOS Mobile App: Click here
Download My Cloud OS 5 Android Mobile App: Click here

I am on the home network.

And I have the same phone as yours

Have you checked out what Bennor suggested?

I have two WD MY CLOUDS, one is OS3 and the other OS5. Both phone apps are working.

Thanks. It just started working today after I reinstalled the app, though I did reinstall before my initial post here. No ideas how it started working now. Anyway all’s well that end well!