Android Access to MyCloud

I have the MyCloud EX2 Ultra!
Unsure if I’m in the right spot, this seemed to be the first legit location!
I got the MyCloud about 1-2 months ago, after I figure out how to log in and setup, mostly everything going well.
Besides many other files and purposes on MyCloud, I finally have all my music on one location. However, I can’t seem to find a way to access MyCloud NAS on home wifi through my Android.
TO BE CLEAR… I’M NOT TRYING TO USE PHONE DATA AND OUTSIDE INTERNET TO ACCESS MYCLOUD. I’m trying to access MyCloud through my home WiFi with phones WiFi. Phone sees and logs in to my WiFi regularly! I thought I should be able to access MyCloud on WiFi if Same network.

I’ve looked up on google, and eventually got to an App I was under impression of needing,

That’s the login screen of the My Cloud app I found at the app store.
Sense I already setup account with MyCloud and PC, It seemed fitting that “Sign In” was logical.
My known credentials did not work! So I tried “Create Account”, which lead me to connecting to My Cloud automatically, which it could not find. Gave me option to enter it manually, so I choose “Connect Manually”…
Which got me this

Explains I need a 9 digit code, and shows me example in the Blue THIS EXAMPLE, looks like

So I search for that on the back of the EX2 Ultra My Cloud tower, and the sticker/label has some or most of that, but no LOCK symbol with 9 digits.
This is what I have

So am I not doing this correctly?
Does WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra not allow mobile access? Am I supposed to use one of the apps preloaded on the Ex2 Ultra for Android music access??

What am I missing?
Thank you!

What firmware version on EX2 Ultra?
Did you install this app ?

I don’t know how to tell if my OS is 5 or not. I recently bought MyCloud EX2Ultra end of Summer. I was under the impression any new MyCloud within the last year is probably OS 5.

I updated the Firmware now 5.27.157.

Currently I installed the Twonky Server, but there so many apps to choose from on the server, idk which is better.

My phone’s a cheap phone through Cricket, with Android 12. Cus it doesn’t have much storage (without an SD card, which I don’t have atm), I been trying to find a way I can listen to my music from my home network, I have 500+ music files in a folder, barely 2gb of.
On the phone, I’ve installed BubbleUPnP app, and it sees the mycloud drive, but when I select it, shows “browser Error, Reason, Access Denied.”

I’m sure all the music is on the Mycloud. Unsure if i’m on the right track, I’ve sense created a second user profile in MyCloud’s admin login, but it’s not visible from the phone. The phone does see Twonky as a second cloud option, separate from Mycloud, although Twonky is installed on Mycloud. But when I try to access Twonky, there’s no response. Nothing pops up.

So what I’m confused about… Is Twonky the right option, sense there are a few different apps that mention accessing music?
Music is already in a folder on Mycloud drive, standalone folder in my main drive on cloud. How do I make that accessible with/on Twonky?
How do I access Twonky and find the music on My Phone?

Thanks. I’m considering transfering all my Music to my virtual MS OneDrive, cause that shows up on Bubble as well under different access options. I just thought it would be easier to have it on MyCloud.
Let me know what you think!

You don’t need Twonky. My Cloud OS5 enough for access to Music. You need just grant access to you music folder for mobile software (in MyCloud dashboard)

I must be missing something then.

All my music is on one folder, inside one share. [Public] <A default Share the MyCloud OS5 had when I first started. Both my PC’s access Public, and can play the music.

On older phone with Android 12, I had installed Bubble UPnP, and the phone was able to see the storage, and log into Public. However, it never recognized any of the music, unable to play what it can’t see. I did have Twonky installed then for that, but never figured out how to setup my music on storage so Twonky could share it.

NEW phone now, Motorola G5 with Android 13. Brand new, nothing else installed. Few setups done through Google to establish google and gmail and maps etc on phone.
Downloaded and installed Bubble UPnP. Can see the Twonky server, but can’t even see the Public server, from the new phone.

This tech stuff is too complicated for me!! I DO LOVE THE STORAGE though, been working well for me!

I just don’t know how to get my Music there working for me.

I may need step by step suggestions to understand what I need to have.
Any help is appreciated.
Thanks again.

Again…you need to install this
Приложения в Google Play – My Cloud OS 5