Alternative Firmware (Debian Jessie, Synology DSM6)

All files here:

Clean Debian Jessie (?) + OpenMediaVault (?)

  • Easy to install: Just upload my “special” firmware.
  • On first boot you see the exchanging winks hdd leds (purple, 1-2-1-2, 2 seconds). Press and hold reset to start auto formatting HDD and installation Debian OS.
  • If something went wrong on boot - HDD led’s switches to red (purple) and started telnet server.


  • HDD Leds show activity for disks normally.
  • Power led just blinking. Its normal (Not realized in kernel)
  • Fan runs on low speed all time (Not realized in kernel)

Synology Disk Station Manager (DSM) 6.0+ (?)

  • All files and info inside WDMyCloud-Mirror/DSM5 (G.Drive or Mirror site)
  • Do not use original firmware files from Synology site (Or you got brick).
  • USB, Led and Fan control - not full support (Need find correct gpio pinout and, maybe, modify synobios.ko)
  • WOL, Shutdown, Buzzer - not present in hardware.

Hello, thanks for sharing, hopefully this will be useful to users in the forum.

Few speed tests on OMV:

WDMC: 1xWD Blue, 1TB, SATA-III, no md/raid.
PC: Intel SSD 520, 180GB, Sata-III. Windows 7 x64 Pro, 8GB RAM, Core i3 3240, 2x3.4GHz

HDD Speed: (dd if=/dev/zero of=temp bs=1M count=1024)
Read: 105 MB/s
Write: 107 MB/s

Web/http: (server software / client software)
PC → WDMC (nginx i686 x64 / wget): 15-20MB/s
WDMC → PC (nginx armhf / Opera): 80-100MB/s (!)

Samba (v4.1.17-Debian, default settings):
PC → WDMC: ~40MB/s
WDMC → PC: ~70-75MB/s

Not bad i think.

Debian available for tests. OMV can be installed too.
I waiting feedback and start develop DSM.

Seems like WDMC Ex2, Ex4 and DL2100 compatable too. Need test.

DSM6 run and works good! (Based on synology DS213j)

But i need more info about Gpio pins for Leds/Fan/USB control.

I know this is a thread for the Mirror, but any chance this will run on Gen 1? I ended up installing DSM5 on said device, but DSM6 would be nice. Since you mention LEDs is it a known bug that the LED doesn’t work properly? It just stayes solid white and I just have to keep trying to sign in until it lets me.

I use different method for gen1 device (Minimum from Synology, max from WD), so in DSM5 for “wdmc gen1” Led control not realized.
For WDMC Mirrot i use better way (Maximum from Synology, nothing from WD). Different problems, but easy to porting (~50 lines of code changed in kernel for first success boot).

And bad news: i exchange my wdmc gen1 to gen2 and now i can’t make/test new DSM builds.

DSM6 is available to installation (test build / alpha)
Use at own risk.

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Hi, me again. So overnight I plugged my WD Gen 1 running DSM5 directly into my PC for a faster initial sync of my 2TB drive (after it got wiped when I installed DSM5). Today when I set it back up to run normally I got this screen instead of the usual one. I think I forgot to turn autoupdate off and now that DSM6 is available it tried to update but failed. Any idea how to get things back up and running?

This thread for WDMC Mirror.
Please, ask here: Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other "firmwares"

If someone have UART (TTL) adapter and WDMC Ex2/Ex4 - You can test this frimware. Hardware is similar, so its compatable (I think).

i couldn’t find how to install dsm6 of WDMC Ex2 !!
can you teach me how to install ? i want do testing dsm6 of WDMC Ex2

Hello Fox,

I tried the “debian-jessie-firmware-test” from your Gdrive. And the problem in the manual (If you see both red (purple) hdd leds - something went wrong. Connect to WDMC via Telnet and repair (Or prepare disks manually).) happened to me.

How can I repair/prepare disk manually? Do you have some instructions for that?

Many thanks, as always!

Update to previous: I tried to use the Recovery method from the MyCloud Gen1. I do get the DHCPREQUEST but the TFTP does not seem to start to upload. Can you please assist me? Thanks!

Recovery package only for Gen1 device. For other WDMC’s need different methods.
About Debian for Mirror - Press and hold reset button while led blinking (release, when stop blinking).
After that - wait ~5-10 min while HDD formats, then try to connect via SSH.
Note: There is no drivers for Fan or Led’s. So, its not controlled (Fan runs at max. speed, possible to control manually - read info in Developing section on my GDrive/site)

Thanks for your response, Fox.

I’ve tried holding the reset button for at least 120 seconds yet nothing happens. The power led blinks blue (2x per second) and the HDD1 LED is purple the HDD2 LED is red (not inserted).

I’ve tried various times. Holding the button right from the boot, holding button when HDD1 purple HDD2 red. Does not seem to do anything.

Any ideas left?


I did manage to get it to work, this might help others:

You should wait when booting when the HDD1 led turns from blue to purple, then you should push the reset-button and hold it until the HDD LEDs are blue again. You should reset the device after the process is finished; it will show a blue power LED, purple HDD1 led and red HDD2 LED. After the last reset the device will finish the installation!!

Thanks! :smiley:

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Hi Fox,
have now been much read in the thread Clean OS (Debian), OpenMediaVault and other "firmwares" and in firmware-debian-jessie-synology-dsm6 / read 156551/13, i am now confused.

Is there a way to install Debian on the MyCloud Mirror Gen 2 ???

If so, what is the right guide for this???

Apologies bad English, my native language is German and I used the Google translator.

Best wishes

WDMC Mirror Gen2 not supported - different CPU.
I can build kernel, but need UART for testing / debug.

DSM v6.0.1-7393 available for download.

  • Can’t install from webgui, need reboot to DSM recovery (installer) for install.
  • Just power off device, extract all HDD’s, power on, wait ~1 min, place back HDD’s, install DSM via web-installer. Your data is safe, but DSM setting will lost.
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Hello Fox,

that is very nice of you.
Would lead out to me the serial port, to then work with it.
What else should I do ??
Best wishes