How to unbrick a totally dead WD My Cloud Mirror gen 2

Is there an Image for WDMC Mirror gen 2? Or how can I unbrick such a device?

The disk image is available in a separate thread within the WD Community. I’d recommend doing a board search using “debrick” as a baseline.

Please bear in mind such proceedings are not warranted or supported by Western Digital.

Are you sure an image for “WD My Cloud Mirror Gen2” is in a separate thread within the WD Community? I find only “WD My Cloud”, no “Mirror gen2” images.

Could someone upload such a image?

I’ve found these on a Russian forum:

Now I need help how to unbrick mine 8TB Mirror Gen 2!

There are several guides to several different models, but I didn’t find one for Mirror Gen 2.

Just have a look here:

Thanks, @Q-Fireball, but it didn’t work also.

My unit is bricked in a weird way. Even if I remove both drives the unit shows solid blue LED for the drives and the power LED keeps blinking blue forever. I’ve opened a thread about it here:

EDIT: And I also would appreciate a method without opening it…

I don’t know if this method will be the correct in my case. What is your opinion?

Thanks in advance.

I didn’t had such a problem, so I can only guess. I assume you tried to hold the reset button for more than 40 sek?!

I would remove the drives (if you need the data just make a backup with linux).

Then try the USB method and download “uImage” and uRamdisk" as described by Miamijerry. I can’t remember correctly, but my experience was, it didn’t accessed the USB drive.

So use the tftp method with the files “uImage” and uRamdisk".

And if you had no luck with all of these, then try to write Fox_exe. He is the russian guy who also wrote in the russian forum.

Yup, no success on holding 40s, with or without drives, nor pluging usb with recovery files directly on WDMCM.

I’m looking carefully for the TFTP method. I guess it will be my best choice for now.

I’m not a noobie for computer stuff, but my linux experience is very limited.

Well linux experience is hard to be judged, because “cracks” write their own source code for linux. I’m only a user and script writer, although i have c and c++ knowledge.

So Fox_exe has more knowledge especially with WD Products. :wink:

The TFTP Method is also described in this Forum.