My Cloud Mirror (Gen2) - Create/Upgrade Apps

I am new here in this forum, and I’m looking for an extra information about My Cloud Mirror Gen 2. 3rd party apps seem to be very outdated (for example, transmission 1.6.0) and I also want to install apps by myself.

So, here is my questions:

  1. Which OS My Cloud Mirror (Gen 2) is using? It does not seem to be Debian anymore like the previews model. For example, uname -a gives me this:

    Linux MyWDNas 3.10.39 #1 SMP Sun Aug 2 11:53:57 CST 2015 2014T30p5 Build-git3e9fe59 armv7l GNU/Linux

  2. There is a guide to cross-compile applications for it? I found this link for My Cloud Mirror (1st gen). It creates a .deb file but I think this can’t be applied to Gen 2.

  3. Any other information will be nice because I am in the dark here.

The last but not the least, does anyone can create a new category for My Cloud Mirror (Gen2)?

Thank you guys.

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Hello there,

I have not tried this, lets see if another user can share some information or tips on this matter.

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Useless answer.
If there is nothing to tell - better to keep silent, differently it is just flood.

WDMC Mirror Gen2 - same as WDMC Gen2 and WDMC Mirror Gen1, so you can try Chroot from WDMC Gen2.
More info here and here