BT Sync and other apps

Does anyone know if this works on Gen 1 Mirror? I see the have downloads for pretty much everything that allows apps except the Gen 1. Would the download for the EX2 work they are pretty much the same hardware wise. I see a Gen 2 link also but Know that has different hardware. Also is there a list of Apps other than what can be installed from the dashboard? I am coming from a Single My Cloud and noticed the Mirror forum seems alot less active. It’s not official but it seems like more is being done in the other forum.


See if the following link helps.

That’s for the My Cloud single bay. Also the link is old and outdated. I would think it would be more likely that the EX2 file works that is on the BTSync site works but don’t know and was wondering if anyone has tried. There lots of things in the My Cloud forum vs this one. Not sure how likely they are to work on both. Also I don’t see any post on unbricking a My Cloud Mirror so I wouldn’t want to “try” and see if it works or not.