WD MyCloud Gen2 Chroot (+ Transmission and Minidlna)

Thank you for helping,but it still can’t work on my MC.There is a lots problems and the operation can’t continue.So I try to use Raspberry and everything OK.

Would it be possible to create/edit an app/module that contained a startup script that executed whatever change was desired? I would assume that the default image.cfs would load the installed apps. I have a single drive MyCloud Gen2 so I can’t add pre-compiled apps via the dashboard to test this.

I don’t have a gen2 to investigate. But the dns-323 d-link NAS operating system is very similiar to the gen2. If you google dns-323 and funplug. You will find information on how it allows changes to be made on boot.


You can edit the system_init file inside image.cfs to call whatever scripts you want. Precompiled app binaries could also be added to the image.cfs file.

I suspect that there is a limit to the size of the image.cfs file. But if you make a change to the system_init file to look for a script on the disk you can then add your files to the disk and just include the disk in the path variable. On my DNS-323 I have all of my additional apps on a USB device.


One big failure: image.cfs loaded into RAM. So, its limited only by ram size (512 in WDMC Gen2, But need 100+ MB free for OS and services)
Bigger image.cfs = less free ram = more lags / less speed.
Epic fail…

One more fail: In WDMC Mirror have same CPU (Armada 370). This CPU is “ARMHF” (Hardware FPU + Thumb2/ThumbEE extensions). But in WD firmware kernel compiled with “Software FPU emulation”.
Just compare:
Original kernel:

xor: measuring software checksum speed arm4regs : 169.600 MB/sec 8regs : 166.400 MB/sec 32regs : 166.400 MB/sec
Recompiled with Hardware FPU and ThumbEE:

xor: measuring software checksum speed arm4regs : 1225.200 MB/sec 8regs : 727.200 MB/sec 32regs : 876.400 MB/sec

Wow, that’s an amazing difference. I wonder if it will make UNRAR operations and repairing with quickpar for nzbget a lot easier. I wonder why WD didn’t compile the kernel with proper extensions and hw fpu support… Laziness, incompetence or compatibility issues?

@Fox_exe if you need testers for new kernel, i would be willing, let me know

Hi @Fox_exe, fix this line in this topic:

tar xvf chroot-jessie-gen2.tar.gz -C ../

Its a .tar file not a .tar.gz, use this, instead:

tar xvf chroot-jessie-gen2.tar -C ../

However, now I saw that there is a chroot-jessie-gen2 file for each version. What is the version I should use for my WD My Cloud Mirror Gen2. There is one?

The chroot-jessie-gen2.tar in folder WDMyCloud-Gen2 didn’t work. for me.

Errors? Logs?

Hi thanks for this,

I’ve got transmission working and downloading. The only problem is that I can not see my chroot folder on MyCloud and so can not access the files I downloaded??

Also do you know if there is a working unrar package?

Many thanks

unrar-free or p7zip

Inside chroot - /mnt/shares/
Outside chroot - /shares/
Use first path for transmission (Already set if transmission setup from chroot-install script.

Hello Fox_exe.

thank you for great work you are doing with WD devices. I have a question related to 2nd generation of WD My Cloud and access rights.

I have bought this device recently (3 TB version). Everything is working OK, but I have troubles with connecting to web UI or file share through Open VPN. My Open VPN server is running on main router. Local LAN subnet has address scope, WD My Cloud has Client from VPN subnet gets address from scope WD My Cloud is PINGable from VPN, but if I want to access Web UI, I get message "Forbidden - You don’t have permission to access / on this server. Same with file share.

Is there any possibility to modify device to allow access from different subnets then subnet of My Coud device?

I don’t want to use Open VPN in bridge mode due to incompatibility with Android/iOs devices.

Thank you for your reply!

Yes. See in /etc/apache2 (env, httpd.conf and other configs).
But in Gen2 impossible to save settings (rootfs loads from archive on boot, so all your changes not saved after reboot).
Maybe Vpn - bridge mode better solution for this.

:frowning: That’s a pitty. But thank you. This is the solution only for Web UI, am I right? What about file sharing rights? A can’t login to SMB share remotely. Always tells me “You don’t have permission…”

Are you going to develop your own firmware for 2nd generation devices?

Yes. Already got one (Exchange with one man).
Also got WDMC Mirror (gen1). Debian and DSM6 available for install (“Test” build, but stable).

That’s great. Can you post link or somethink, how to install custom firmware?

can someone help me? i still getting
transmission unable to save resume file permission denied
after couple mins, clicking resume all button resume all fixes problem for couple mins and then i got
transmission unable to save resume file permission denied

Inside my Public share are a number of folders with movies, etc. that are SMB shared to an Apple TV. If I use this CHROOT method (I am because I’d like to install qbittorrent) would it suddenly make these files inaccessible?


i did full wipe and start again with installation and now i works fine.

i have two questions more:

  1. is there a way to install better gui for transmission?
  2. what is the difference between minidlna and wd built-in dlna?


Thank you so much!!! Working qbittorrent! :))