All lights blinking My passport wireless pro NO SOLUTION

Hi everybody!!

It seems that the problem of All Lights Blinking has no solution at all, right? or anyone fix it?

This blinking even happens without the HDD inserted, what this means? Is wifi’s software installed in the base instead of HDD?

How did you solve your problem?

I didn’t solve it.

Yeah, all light blinking is the basic FUBAR message for the device. . .

. . .pretty much equivalent to the BSOD (blue screen of death) in the windows world.

These devices are NOT designed to run without the HDD present. So if you pulled the HDD. . .I would expect this result (all lights blinking). I do not know if the OS resides on flash memory or on the HDD. . .sorry I can’t be of more help.

The OS resides on the HDD, so you can’t use the device without it. Four blinking blue leds indicates, that a boot device was not found, so eventually the HDD may be dead.

Try reflashing the device from an sdcard with firmware…