After Update 2.40.06-048 File Permissions Broken

First I’m connecting the same way I always did through the shared drives option of Mac OS X.  I can create a new folder and put my movies and files in that folder, but every existing folder and file tells me I do not have permission to edit. 

On a locked folder the permissions are: 

  • daapd - read & write
  • staff - read only
  • everyone - read only

On an accessible folder (or newly created folder) the permissions are:

  • daapd - read & write
  • staff - read & write
  • everyone - read only

So to fix this I figured I would change the file permissions using ssh.

Why did this happen and how should I fix this?  How can I get rid of daapd or should that stay?


Ok, what?

Where is the “daapd” “user” appearing?  It’s certainly not one of the defaults – did you create it?

The permissions for folders / users are defined when the share is created and can be modified.

I guess I should have been more specific.  I remember someone on the forum having the same issue.  I think it was when I transfered files off my external drive to the Duo via terminal commands (got a faster transfer that way)  This is in Finder as oppossed to the Duo UI.  The share access on those is set to public and aren’t the issue (I don’t think)

Screen Shot 2012-12-29 at 12.09.15 PM.png