Daapd user owns Mybook WD Live 3TB ?!


I can’t delete files from my mybook live 3TB, when looking at the owner of the files there is this strange user, daapd, with read write access. I can’t get my own permissions back whatsoever, I did turn off all Itunes and other media sharing wonky stuff. I never did turn it on in the first place so my guess it was done by the latest update… (MyBookLive 02.43.10-048 : Core F/W).

The info about the users I got by asking file and or folder info on my mac (osx 10.9.5).

daapd - Read & Write

staff - Read & Write

everyone - Read only

What I want is to get my permissions back, admin with full rights for starters on all files and folders so I can clean out my two nas-disks.

I read somerwhere that this can be done through ssh, I know nothing about unix commands so that won’t help a lot…

I found this problem of me to be around for quite some time now, read years…!!  so I think WD must have a solution somewhere by this time, and that’s what I want :D, that solution. Whithout me having to do  a format or factory reset of those disks, not for a simple rights question problem.

Thx sofar!


I recommend you contact WD support directly for assistance with this.

Contact WD

I’ve had this daapd user issue as well and checked a few other daapd topics but except for this one all of them are closed. So that’s why I’m posting in this topic.

I’m not sure if I’ve solved the problem but since I have added daapd as a user in the WD My Book Live Duo via the browser, I do not see daapd as a user in info per map in my iMac finder. And I’m able to move files and maps around within MyBook Live Duo.