My Book Live daapd

I have a 1TB  My Book Live that i have stored all my movies and tv shows on. Up until recently everything was fine but today i tried to edit some information on them through iTunes and it wouldn’t work. I checked the files on the drive and every single one has had its owner changed to someone called daapd.

This is the only user with read and write access, everyone else with only read, and so i cant make any changes to the files or remove this user and add myself as the owner as it says i dont have permission.

Has anyone else had this problem or anything like it? I dont understand what has happened

Thanks in advance

It sounds like the ownership of the files has been handled over to the MBL so they can listed on the server, are the files DRM protected?

BTW, you should make a backup of those files, the MBL could fail at any moment with no notice at all and you’ll lose everything if you don’t have a backup.