After FORMAT MS-DOS my passport ultra shows as UNTITLED

Hi people im very new to doing any technical computer things, i just bought a my passport ultra & reformatted it to MS-DOS (FAT 32)- my passport ultra now shows as UNTITLED, i would like it to show as my passport

do i have to rename it ???

do i need to do anything more to make sure its all ready to work???

ive also seen( new software update) that has just come out… BUT i got to the page & it said download to YOUR HARDRIVE, but i was not sure if it meant my passport hardrive or my imac hardrive,

please can you enlighten me on these.

Thanks Justin

Renaming the drive should be enough.

If you want to reassure the drive works you can run First Aid to test the drive.

How to test a drive for defects or problems on a Mac

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