Accidently erased my 'WD My Passport for Mac' name for the external disc

Accidently erased my ‘WD My Passport for Mac’ name from the external disc. My Mac now see its name as 'Untitled. How do I rename the external WD back to its original name - ‘WD My Passport for Mac’??

Is it just the external drive had been renamed or you have formatted the drive accidentally?

Well, to rename the drive, highlight the drive in the Finder, click Command + I. Under Name & Extension, highlight the name in that field and change it to whatever you want.

However, if you accidentally formatted the drive then stop using the drive immediately to avoid any permanent data loss situation and recover your important data using data recovery software.

Thank You. I found a different route to perform the ‘name change’. Highlight the drive in ‘Finder’, under the ‘File’ drop down menu select ‘Get Info’ and then under ‘Name & Extension’ highlight the ‘name’ in that field and change it. THANKS again.