WD My Passport Ultra not being recognized on my Mac

WD My Passport Ultra was disconnected without being ejected and now it’s not showing up in my device list. When i try to locate it using WD Security is states the following:

About your drive
Seriel Number: [Deleted-Privacy]
Firmware Revision: 1.012
No Volumes Found

I believe but not absolutely sure that this was formatted as Fat32 and i have attempted to read the drive on both Mac and PC but unable to.

Please help if you can as i have very important information on this drive

Many thanks

Captain Fry

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It is possible the partition is corrupted and since you mentioned that it was disconnected improperly that would be my diagnosis. You may try to recover the data using a data recovery software and then format the drive in order to use it again.

Hi there, have tried a few days recovery programs but will try a a disk reader when I get one. Thanks

Did you get it fixed? I am having the same problem, I need the data off the drive. What programs did you use if you did get it fixed?

I did not get the issue fixed. Gutted