My Passport Ultra "unplugged" itself; computer won't recognize it

Hi there! I purchased a 1GB My Passport Ultra about two months ago and until now I’ve had no problem with it. However, today I was installing a new computer underneath my desk while the drive was connected to my Macbook Pro (running OS X El Capitan), and probably jostled the desk somehow that caused the drive to think it had been “removed”, even though both ends of the USB cable still seemed to be attached to the respective devices. It isn’t even recognized by the WD Drive Utility that I downloaded from your website.

Since then, I haven’t gotten any computer to recognize the drive at all – it also goes unrecognized on a Bootcamp Windows 10 partition and a different Windows 7 PC. However, it still seems to be running – the light is on and I can hear the drive spinning.

The drive should still be under warranty, so I’m not worried about that, but there is some data on there I’d really like to keep. Any hope for that or ideas for what to do?

I had a drive do that to me; still under warranty as well. It’s possible the USB cable is the problem. I contacted WD support and they sent me a new USB cable, which worked. Sometimes I have to push the cable into the USB port on the drive quite firmly, though.

Seems to be my problem as well – just managed to get the drive to show up again after a lot of fiddling. One of my computers thought the drive was corrupt when I plugged it in before, but it turns out my data’s just fine. I’ll definitely look into getting a new USB cable, thank you for your reply!

I hope that helps, @quake!