I have made a **bleep** up of reformatting my Passport Ultra drive - Could anyone help?


Im feeling rather stupid this morning as I tried to reformat my new WDMy Passport external hard drive from a windows format to a Mac. I thought I had studied it  well enough to have a go but I have finished up now with two drive icons showing up on my desktop when I only have one drive.   Im totally ashamed of myself and afraid I must have done something stupid but perhaps maybe it might be ok.?   I thought I had followed the instructions of opening disk utililty clicking on the drive name on LH pane, then erase, selected mac extended journaled, named the drive and clicked erase.  To be truthful what I did next I just do not know whether I went in and tried to create a partition as im totally confused now. Not trying to make excuses but Im now 73 and not as sharp a person as I once maybe was.  I have tried to repair my mistake by undoing it and ejecting one of the drives of the desktop but it goes off ok and returns when I insert the usb  again.  Thus the state of confusion now as to what I can do next.  I`m on here for some help/advice. 

Could anyone throw any light on what perhaps I may have done to finish up with the 2 icons and more importantly how can I retrieve the situation, save the drive and start again  What I would like to finish up with is a disk in 2 partitions one part for the time machine backup and one for putting images,videos, etc. etc. on .    Any guidance as to how I can do that would be much appreciated.

Your help would be greatly appreciated ,and I mean greatly, as I just cannot afford to loss this hard drive. 

Thanks, in advance for any assistance you may be able to give me…



Check on the disk utilities to see if under the name of the drive you have to options with the size of each one? If yes, you created two partitions by mistake. 

To fix that, you just need to reformat the drive and make sure that on the drop down for the partitions, you only have one selected.

See if the following link helps:


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