Admin account can access MyCloud but no users can

Hoping someone can help me…

Trying to setup access to a WD MyCloud I have on my network.

I can access the device just fine from any PC in the house - it shows up as a network device.

The problem comes when I try and logon to it. Or more specifically my users.

I am the admin and created 3 user accounts for my family members…set them up with email addresses and rights to the folders they are to access.

Yet the MyCloud wont let them log on as them. I can log on from any PC as me, but as them, no good.

And that is either via the local network drive interface or the IP address via a browser.

Makes no sense!

The drive has the latest firmware and all machines are newly rebuilt W10.

I have tried deleting the user accounts and recreating…I also rebooted the device.

No good.

And to boot, I cant seem to post a new topic to ask this question in the proper forum! LOL


Does anyone from WD ever check in to help?