Admin Access

I use to be an admin on my WD, I learned about Shares and created multiple shares for each user. Configured permissions accordingly for each user.

Issue 1: now when I map my share as a network drive, as share username is different than admin logged in user, I am unable to connect to share folder.

Issue 2 (Major), when I log into [] now I dont see a way to create new shares or manages user permissions. I feel like I lost admin access

Issue 3: unable to view WD dashboard.

Appreciate if anyone had a similar issue and are able to help me resolve.

With respect to issues 2 and 3. The web portal is not the My Cloud Dashboard. Generally one can access the My Cloud Dashboard while on the same local network as the My Cloud by going to: http://wdmycloud or http://wdmycloud.local

How to access the Dashboard on a My Cloud (single bay) device

With respect to issue 1. If mapping a private Share make sure to use a User (created through the My Cloud Dashboard) and their password who has appropriate Read or Read/Write permissions (set via the Share page in the My Cloud Dashboard).

Edit to add: If one has forgotten their administrator name or password, one can perform a 4 second reset which will reset the Admin password to default (blank). More information on a 4 second reset and a 40 second reset can be found at the following

How to Reset a My Cloud (single bay) Device

Thank you, I renamed my cloud and was able to access with the new URL.
However, it is not accepting my admin (email) which it use to, instead it is asking for share user name, any idea?

The email address one uses for remote access on the web portal is separate from the user name and password one uses to access the My Cloud Dashboard and separate from the username and password one uses when mapping Shares.

To access/map Shares one uses the user name and password created through the My Cloud Dashboard Users page. Access the My Cloud Dashboard where one can review (or add/delete) the Users, assign their permissions to Shares, and set/change the user’s password.