WD My Cloud dashboard limited access

Hi, We’ve recently installed WD My Cloud at the office and we have 10 users, so as the admin I don’t want the rest of the users to have access to the dashboard cause right now all users can access the dashboard and edit the permissions and everything. I want them only to be able to access the files from the network not from the browser dashboard. Help please.

Give the administrator account on the my cloud a password. That should trigger the dashboard to ask for a password.

If you haven’t already done so read the wd my cloud user manual. It explains how to restrict access to the my cloud.


If you read the Help (?) in the Dashboard you should be able to find what you want to do. The following is copied from the Dashboard Help.

Home > Managing Your Personal Cloud > Users

About Users

Everyone who accesses your personal cloud must have a user account for the My Cloud drive. As the My Cloud owner, you have a special user account (admin) that gives you administrator privileges. With these privileges, you can set up and configure the drive to your specific needs, as well as add other people to your personal cloud. You have the power to determine exactly what other users can access on the drive.

As a default, the admin user name does not have a password. You can add one anytime.

Important: When initially setting up your drive, you have the opportunity to change the administrator name and set an optional password while running the My Cloud setup software or Getting Started wizard. Make sure you keep track of the name and password. You won’t be able to display the My Cloud web interface without those credentials.

As the administrator for the My Cloud drive, you can:

Add users. How to
Add or edit user passwords.  How to
View user info.  How to
Change a user's access to a share.  How to
Remove users.  How to
Change someone's user name and password.  How to


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I want to add this. You are saying you have set up the My Cloud in your office where you have ten users. If all the computers or devices in your office are yours and you own and setup the My Cloud then yes anyone using one of those computers or devices can access the Dashboard. This would be because all the computers or devices are on the same network so creating a password that only you know would keep others from being able to open the Dashboard.

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