Adding new App

Hi - I am trying to add new app but dont see that option in my dashboard. I am trying to install Plex. Can someone help please.

What made you think you could add apps to your MyCloud?

If you have a Gen1, v4 firmware, single-bay MyCloud, you cannot officially add apps.

If you have a Gen2, v2 firmware, single-bay MyCloud, you cannot officially add apps. However, there is a hack you can use to enable the addition of apps:

What My Cloud model do you have? The single bay My Cloud models do not officially support adding the “apps” (like Plex) that the multi bay My Cloud models support adding.

There are unofficil methods to attempt to add Plex and other unsupported apps to the single bay My Cloud units (with varying degrees of success). Use the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right, to find the many past discussions on adding Plex or other third party apps to the single bay My Cloud units.

Am a novice here on this topic…so assumed that I will be able to add apps (like Plex) onto my device. I think this option is available only in mycloud Home version.

Tx for the response

Tx Bennor - Hopefully WD will enable this option in my model as well.

Plex is only available on the new Home models and the advanced EX,DL,and PR models.

I have a question for the group: Are there other apps which can be installed besides the ones supplied by WD ,and what are they?

Chances are very slim WD would officially add Plex to the now no longer officially sold single bay My Cloud models. Doing so would potentially steal sales from the My Cloud Home and multi bay My Cloud models.

Cannot recall if WD has ever actually added, through firmware updates, a major feature to the single bay My Cloud models. Instead they’ve taken away certain features, like remote drive mapping and ability to shut down the My Cloud through the Dashboard in v2.x firmware.

When it came to the first gen v4.x single bay My Cloud all the unofficial mods/apps were not supplied by WD. The CloudDAVMod is one. There are several threads that have a listing of mods, some may not be WD supplied.

Thanks, a bit TMI than I needed. I just would like to see additional apps to select from other than what has been available from WD for my DL series. Maybe WD will post more some day

I recently found out on this forum about a company that provides application modernization services – I’m thinking about turing to them to upgrade my applications as quickly as possible.