Mirror + additional packages - Repository with software worked on v4 firmware

This is the link to my mirror for Fox_exe Repository with software working on v4 firmware

I have also included the latest sid Repository from Fox_exe and some packages that I have compiled for WDMycloud V 4.x firmware with PageSize=64k

The Repository has 3 containers

main is compiled by Fox_exe based on wheezy

sid is compiled by Fox_exe based on sid

Jessie is compiled by myself based on jessie

to add the the Repository

SSH to your WDmycloud and run:

echo "deb http://diaa.no-ip.com:8080 wheezy-64k main sid jessie" > /etc/apt/sources.list

Then - you can run apt-get update and install software.

you can view and search for the available packages from this index here ( you can also download individual packages if you wish - click on the package to download it or wget it ) the main thing is the search feature :smiley:


WARNING: This software only for official v4 firmware (Kernel/Software with PageSize=64k)!

all packages are compiled directly from the official debian repository

Warning : Use it on your own Risk



Fox_exe for Creating and maintaining the original Repository  Repository-with-software-worked-on-v4-firmware

mauromol : for this wonderfull tutorial on how to build the packages  Building-packages-for-the-new-firmware


Thanks to you Diaa and Fox_exe for making wdmycloud fun to have. I wish WD is more supportive towards 3rd party apps. Maybe to avoid users soft bricking their nas when blindly installing 3rd party apps, think WD should change the reset button to fail safe instead, hold reset 40secs = restore rootfs image aka stock firmware from a hidden 2gb partition. Then there’s no need to open up the nas to unbrick, good idea uh? :stuck_out_tongue:

We have cool hardware with pure firmware :smiley:

I (Or we?) can build better OS for this nas (OMV or another Nas OS… Synology DSM can be ported too)

But it isn’t necessary for me, and there is no wish to do something else for the device - I already made very much.

About “No need to open for unbrick” - Im already make “Unbrick tools” for that. (“Magic packet” generator + tftp and bootimage for recovery)

Прогеры, которые пилили оригинальную прошивку - какбы это по мягче выразится? Идиоты? - Столько костылей и велосипедов я ещё не видел… Про общий дизайн прошивки (компановка файлов и прочее) я вообще молчу…

* Programmers that did an original firmware - are quite silly. (too many crutches in code and fw design)



it is great to have talanted People like you guys getting this box alive and Usable in ways that was never provided

the work you are doing is great

@Fox_exe: I have to check the Unbrick tools you have uploaded it seems so cool

can you please share with me how did you build the bootimage (kernal image) for this unbrick tool ( it is not the same standard Kernel Image you have in the clean debian image ) so if you can share it it would be great

I want this cause I would like try and boot the Synology DSM and check the possibility to install the DSM on WDmycloud

DSM 5 on WD is possible.

I successfully started the interface (webgui), but thats all - the part of core functionality works incorrectly - it is necessary to remake much that. But I was already tired.

About bootimage - its default kernel with enabled Initrd support (And busybox with static mdadm as rootfs)


Since i knew that they already have a version built for comcerto C2000, M86261

I am very interested to port it to wdmycloud

Would you mind sharing your work in this area ?

I am sure it is not going to be very easy and we might need to compile a new Kernel with the drivers for the rest of wd hardware but it would be a nice thing to do

Actually I have a thought that if we managed to boot the Synology kernal with the appropriate HW drivers maybe we can use the synology assesst to install the DSM 5 for the 414j which has the same archtecture as WD

It would be like the XPEnoboot but for WD my cloud

check this out

XPEnoboot project only XPenoboot supports i386 archtecture