Actualización Firmware de WD MY Cloud a traves del acceso Wifi a Internet

Tengo un disco WD My Cloud conectado al Puerto Ethernet de mi PC con el que hago las copias de seguridad. A su vez accedo normalmente a Internet con Wifi a través de un router con ADSL.
Que tengo que hacer, o que parámetros de Windows tocar, para que este disco pueda actualizar su Firmware por internet. Windows indica que el controlador Ethernet está “Sin red”.
Tengo un PC HP ENVY Phoenix 810-304ns DT PC SP con Windows 10 Home Edition.

Connect your Cloud to an ethernet port on your Router.

Thanks for your answer but I still have the problem.
If I connect the Cloud directly to the router it works, but all the backups will last forever. All the data will go through the WiFi instead of the direct connection through ethernet. The firmware file is small enough to be received quickly through WiFI. And changing back and forth the Cloud from the PC to the router, just to check if a new firmware is available and download it, is not the best solution for the connectors.
This is why I sent this question. It should be a way to change the parameters of the ethernet driver and/or the WiFi driver to make a “bridge” between both of them.

There are numerous ways of doing that, but that’s more of a Microsoft question than a WD question.

But really you shouldn’t have bought a NAS if you’re expecting it to work that way. An ordinary USB external drive would have been a much better and more economical choice.

You are right. In fact I also have a WD My Book atached to an USB Port to make backups of files and programs. But this disk is extremely slow to backup tens of thousands of RAW photographies.
I also tried to get an answer from Microsoft technical support, but, up to now, I didn´t get any of these numerous solutions.
In any case, many thanks for your help with a lot of common sense.