Acronis, WD Backup and File History Cannot See MyCloud Home Mapped via WD Discovery

I recently “upgraded” from a legacy MyCloud drive to a MyCloud Home disk. With the WD Discovery software, Windows 11 correctly sees drive Z: mapped to the NAS. Though I’m able to work with the mapped drive via Windows, a variety of other applications cannot recognize the mapped drive:

–Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office: Cannot see Z: as a destination for backups
–WD Backup: Same. It cannot see Z: as a destination for backups
–Windows 11 File History: Sees the drive but throws an error when attempting to configure File History to write files to it.

It is also impossible to “manually” map to the NAS without WD Discovery running. Manual mapping and the use of third-party applications worked just fine with my now unsupported MyCloud device.

Can anyone offer any assistance about how to get third-party applications to recognize drives mapped via WD Discovery?

Much thanks.


User Manual: My Cloud Home and My Cloud Home Duo (

You may want to check the Knowledge Base too.

Thanks for the heads-up but I already scoured the manual. There’s no reference to using third-party programs. The KB wasn’t of much use though it did have a link to download the WD version of Acronis. I installed it but the problem remains – the WD customized version of Acronis can’t see the Z: drive, either.

Windows seems to be OK with the WD drive mapping but no other application is.

FYI, I should also note that I have WD external hard drives connected to my computer. No problems with having Windows or other applications seeing them. Looks to me like there’s something strange going on with WD Discovery and how it does the mapping.

WD support has indicated that Acronis is indeed not supported for MyCloud Home. There is a way, however, to use the Windows File History utility. Instructions at How to Backup a Windows or macOS Computer to a My Cloud Home

Not optimal but File History appears to be working.